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Money Management in Madrid

Life in Madrid is beautiful, but it is also an expense that I have learned how to control to the best of my ability. As a student living here myself, I have to plan a frugal life that does not devoid me of fun and allows me to do what I enjoy the most: trying new restaurants.

So, in order to try to save the most for the things I like better, I try not to spend on silly things and I always ask myself: do I really need this? I mean, I have feet, therefore I need shoes, but this doesn’t mean I have to buy a pair of them every week (as I have done before).

After living alone for almost a year, I have figured out how to spend my money wisely in Madrid and still have a good time. Let me share my tricks with you:

Homemade cooking: Although I have mentioned that my favorite activity to do is try new restaurants, I also love to cook. This allows me to eat healthy and, most importantly, it saves me a lot of money! A tip I recommend for you to save time is to do the famous meal prep; I do it on Sundays for the whole week and it makes life easier and my belly happier:)

Eat before you go to the supermarket: As simple as it sounds, going hungry to the supermarket makes you fill up your basket like crazy, especially with junk food. So, do your body and your savings a favor and have a great meal before you go shopping!

Look for the best offers: I recently discovered the amazing discounts that Madrid’s grocery stores offer, not only for food but to do recreational activities such as going to the theater, an escape room, bowling, etc. The key here is to be patient and search for the best options! On the topic of finding great deals for recreational activities, Be Madrid is one of the BEST sources that provides weekend trips and parties for a great price.

Save on clothes: Let’s face it, we spend a lot of money on clothes that we never wear or only wear once. It gets expensive if we buy everything that attracts the eye, but to keep it economical, only buy what you need! Spain is tricky because it has some of the best fashion, but if you learn how to decide between what you want and what you need, your wallet will just fine.

Decide on free plans:As a capital, Madrid provides a lot of plans for free, starting with the fact that you can go to parks like El Retiro and have a picnic or go to places like El Matadero where they have concerts and cinema for free. Search the web and you will find the perfect way to have fun on a budget. Again, Be Madrid can offer you free activities such as dance lessons and walking tours!

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