En este momento estás viendo What essentials do you need to pack for your suitcase to Madrid?

What essentials do you need to pack for your suitcase to Madrid?

Before leaving for Spain, you are probably overwhelmed with a lot of stuff you need to get done. Maybe you have not even packed your suitcase yet. But no worries, we are here to help you and give you some helpful essentials that you need to pack in your suitcase, so that you will not forget to bring anything to Madrid.

Summer and Winter clothes

When coming to Madrid you should consider that it can be warm in the summer and much colder in the winter. Therefore, it is really essential for you to bring lighter clothes for the summer. But for sure also bring some long pants and jackets! In the winter the temperature can drop to 15 degrees Celsius instead of 30 degrees. Last year it was even snowing in Madrid! For the summer it is essential to bring some sandals, so that your feet will stay cool as you are going to walk a lot during the city centre. However, in the winter it is better to wear a pair of sneakers or boots. And of course do not forget to bring nice clothes for parties at night and the plenty of tapas diners you are going to have!  


Accessories are essentials you really do not want to forget to pack. For example, sunscreen and sunglasses, as the sun is shining all day in the summer. Before you know it you got burned while walking through the streets. Furthermore, you could also bring a hat or cap for the sunny weather. And in the winter you will probably wear a scarf because of the colder weather. Everything in Madrid is on walking distance, so you will be walking a lot in the city, and it is therefore of highest importance to bring a good pair of shoes. You absolutely do not want to wear flip-flops in the city! Besides that, consider a bag with a zip or anything of which you can close your bag, because in the centre of Madrid there will be pickpockets. 

Other essentials 

If you want to record all the beautiful places in Madrid then you probably want to bring a good camera. A disposable camera would also be fun if you do not want to bring your expensive camera to the city centre. The city centre can a be quite loud during the night, so if you are a bit sensitive to sounds then it would be good to bring some earplugs. In general, it is always useful to have cash in your pocket. Some shops and restaurants in Spain appreciate it more when you pay with cash. And lastly, a booklet with some Spanish words and phrases can come in handy since in some local restaurants they can not speak English that well and it is also good for practicing your Spanish. 

By: Chelsea Harnas, The Hague University of Applied Sciences  ’21

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