En este momento estás viendo Valentine Dates: Taken vs. Single

Valentine Dates: Taken vs. Single

Now that Valentine’s Day is near, let’s take a look at some great date locations in Madrid both for those who are and who are not in a relationship. 

Parque De Las Siete Tetas

If you are taken, this is a great location to watch the sunset with your date. You could bring some wine, some snacks, and some blankets with you and enjoy each other’s company and the beautiful view of Madrid. Perhaps play some music and revel in the atmosphere. 

If you are single, this is a great location to hang out with some friends, eat as much junk food as possible, laugh, and play some games. Enjoy the sunset and party all night. You won’t have to impress anyone, so you can even wear your sweatpants and you can eat as much as you want. 

You can find the location of this romantic and fun park through this link.

Rooftop Bars in Madrid

If you are taken, going to one of the rooftop bars in Madrid is highly recommended. Together with your date you can enjoy a nice dinner or a drink while looking over the beautiful and romantic city. These rooftop bars are great locations to make memories and add a special touch to your date.

If you are single, visiting a rooftop bar with some friends is a great idea to eat some good food and drink as many drinks as possible, until you are ready to move towards the club and party all night. After all those drinks you had at the amazing rooftop bar, you will have enough confidence to conquer a last minute valentine as well. 

If you want to know which great rooftop bars you can visit, take a look at this blog post on our website!

Templo de Debod 

If you are taken, you should definitely go to Templo de Debod to experience the beauty of the temple during a sunset. This romantic location will make your date unforgettable. You can take photos and talk all night. Perhaps, you can bring some wine or other refreshments to enjoy during your date as well. This temple is situated in Parque de Oeste which is a beautiful park to go for a nice stroll as well.

If you are single, visiting Templo de Debod with some friends is an amazing idea as well. The location is very Instagram worthy, so imagine the fantastic photo shoot that can take place there. Some couples may ask you to take photos of them, but it’s all worth it considering that you now have an amazing photo of yourself as well to improve your Tinder account. 

You can find the location of this romantic park with this link.


Photo: @149561324@N03 via Flickr

If you are taken, and looking for an active type of date, you should go to X-Madrid and participate in one of the many activities, such as indoor surfing, bowling, indoor rock climbing, playing games, and much more. You and your date could enjoy each other’s company while challenging yourself with some great activities. This date would be unforgettable and a great way to show off some of your skills.

If you are single, going to X-Madrid and participating in one of the activities with your friends would guarantee a fun and exciting day. You can participate in the activities mentioned above or watch a movie, go skating and more. At X-Madrid you and your friends will definitely enjoy yourselves very much. You can even throw out all your anger towards you ex during a boxing class or something else. 

You can take a look at the X-Madrid website for more information.

Now that you know about these great date locations, your Valentine’s Day cannot go wrong. Have a happy Valentine’s Day and if you want to know more about some trips or other activities, please visit our website

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