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Why do you need a European Youth Card?

Have you ever heard of the European Youth Card? If not, read further to find out more about the European Youth Card and why you should purchase it. The European Youth card is intended for people between the age of 14 and 30 years old. This card is mainly used to cost savings during your stay here in Madrid. Who does not want that!

What is the European Youth Card? 

The European Youth card is applicable in more than 36 countries in Europe. This card will give you the opportunity as a young citizen to have more than thousands of discounts on travel, culture, accommodation, education, services, and product. Take advantage of the discounts and become more aware of the environment you are in and develop yourself further by trying new things now that it is cheaper. Currently, there are already more than 6 million people who have this card in their possession.

European Youth Card in Madrid 

The European Youth Card has a different name in each country. In Madrid, the European Youth Card is also called ‘Carné Joven’. Each country and region have a different card type and name that you can purchase that is personally adjusted to the discounts in that country or region. As an exchange student in Madrid, this card would be a good way to discover more of Madrid and will save you much money on unnecessary expenses. Think about discounts you will get on your accommodation that you are applying for in Madrid, your travel expenses, and all the cultural, sports and leisure activities you want to join.


There are a few requirements that you must meet to be able to meet to apply for the European Youth Card which are the following:

  • Between the age of 14-30 years-old
  • Reside in Madrid (this means that you do not have to be officially registered as a citizen)
  • Filled in the application form and accepted the legal terms

Are you interested in getting a European youth card now and do you meet all the requirements? You can apply for it online here as it will only be 14 euros. The site accepts the following payments: Mastercard, American Express, visa and PayPal. In general, the delivery is a bit long as it may take up to three weeks, but in return you will have much profit from it when you have it. If you have any other doubts or questions, you can check out the website of European Youth Card here. And if you need any more information about Madrid in specific then check out our other blog posts here.

By: Chelsea Harnas, The Hague University of Applied Sciences  ’21

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